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Seqad Studios, en del av Seqad Innovation AB

SEQANOID Space Brick Breaker

An addictive, action packed brick breaker game.

SEQANOID: Space Brick Breaker is a unique action packed brick breaker game for your phone or tablet with great graphics and unique soundtracks. If you want to break, smash and destroy bricks in a twisted universe, download now and experience our unique brick breaker game, on your own device.

  • 3 Game Modes:
    Arcade, Random and Explorer mode.
  • Moving Bricks:
    Some bricks follow your paddle and others bricks have their own mission.
  • Scrolling backgrounds:
    Fly through our twisted universe and over the different planet landscapes.
  • Amazing Power-Ups:
    Crazy bat, Flappy bat, Wrecking ball, Mini Me, Laser and many more.
  • Unique Soundtracks:
    All levels offers unique soundtracks.
  • Global Leaderboard:
    Compete with players around the world and between different os.
  • Social sharing:
    Share your results with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and others.

The game play is straight forward. Smash and break all bricks in your way to get to the next level. But do it as quick as possible, because after a while you will get time penalties and increased ball speed.

When you reach higher levels the bricks start to change size and rotation.

SEQANOID: Space Brick Breaker offers 55 levels of action packed delight and more to come.

Break, smash and destroy bricks in your way to explore our universe.

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Developed by:Menco AB
Developed by:Menco AB